Feeling the weight of obligations?

You might be caught up in other people's energetic field. Find out how to reclaim your Life Force!

When have you felt most ALIVE?

Learning how to ride the bike as a child... falling in love... giving birth... exploring foreign lands... feeling at one with nature?

What is at the core of the aliveness in all of these events is Radical Self Love.

Unfortunately for most people, these circumstances that cause such vibrant feelings are fleeting experiences.

Many PEOPLE PLEASERS aren't aware that we can break the bondage of chains living in obligations. Instead we can live life feeling completely vibrant by cultivating Radial Self Love.

"Wow, Breathwork with Mika is so powerful. I seriously felt something leave my body. And now I'm left with random laughter... Love it!!"

Sandra Lawrence

"Absolutely loved your session! Thank you so much. I'll be repeating this a few more times :)"

Roxanne C.

"The session was incredible! I released so many emotions... I could feel my limiting belief stuck in my throat at the beginning and as we went through I could feel it leave. So grateful!"

Fiona M.


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